Withings Scale

Withings WIFI scale arrives…

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Withings Scale

Withings Scale

My withings WIFI scale arrived today and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not very excited about what it’s telling me at the moment, but everything else just seems downright cool. The withings scale integrates with just about every form of fitness site and social media.

If you’re looking for that nifty gift for the athlete in your family, this one is definitely a winner. A full review can be found at DC Rainmaker, one of my favorite blogs for gear reviews (the guy does very in-depth reviews and takes hundreds of pictures. You can’t beat that!).

So far, the scales accuracy with itself seems pretty good. I haven’t had a good wifi connection yet, and the scale needs to be updated to the “Athlete” version, so I think it’s showing a bit high on the body fat %. At the end of the day, however, the number itself doesn’t matter – what will matter, is that over time, the fat % decreases. I know I need to lose some pounds, but more importantly, I want to lose fat, and no matter what number I am starting with today, I want it to be less in the future.

Once the update to the “Athlete” model is complete, we’ll see what it says. For now, there is a widget reading my current weight, and on the Weight and Workout tab you can see a graph of my weight.

And I started all this just before the Christmas holiday…

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