Return to Angel Island (2012)

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This weekend’s 20mile run could have been boring, but thanks to Angel Island, I was able to get both hill training and distance training in a beautiful setting within the San Francisco bay area. I’ve already made one trail report on Angel Island, but this is the first for 2012. Also, I was able to actually discover new areas that I hadn’t found in my previous visits to the island. Round and round we went, as you can see below:

The fire road is an excellent place to see the island, it’s much less elevation change, and it’s somewhere I hadn’t gone before. Despite all that, I still managed about 7,000′ of elevation change during my run. This island isn’t for the faint of heart when it comes to a long run.

But compared to Comrades, this is good practice. Despite a slow start to my run, I was able to increase my speed during the “flatter” second half to get an overall pace close to my goal for Comrades. The first climb up stairs is a brutal way to begin a run, but I’m glad I did it earlier rather than later.

There is wildlife all through the island, including deer. During my run, I saw several deer along the fire road, but they seemed to avoid the main perimeter road. So, if you’re looking for Bambi, make sure to stay off the main thoroughfare.

Arriving at the island at 8am was a blessing. It seems that most people don’t make it to Angel Island until 11am or later, and that meant for the first part of my run I essentially had the entire island to myself.

Along with the run, I also stopped long enough to play with the GoPro, and make a little running video:


I was also able to pose for a few shots running for My Girl, who is far more talented at taking photos than I am. These we were able to work into the run, so I didn’t have to “Break stride” during the run.

For more information about Angel Island, make sure to check out my previous report, or go to the Angel Island Website.


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