Diary of a 2012 Comrades Marathon Runner

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Leading up to the 2012 Comrades Marathon, Captain Chas shares his thoughts, fears, and trepidations in this 8 minute video. Laced with race video and photos, this simple video is a Vlog of one man’s thoughts before doing one of the most extreme races in the world (According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, the Comrades Marathon is one of the 11 Most Extreme Adventure Races in the World).

“After 3 hours, there are 9 hours left in the Comrades (Ultra) Marathon and 41 miles to go. Failure is an option. Almost 35% of those who enter fail to finish. Fear, doubt, pain, hopelessness, and lack of motivation encourage a formula for defeat. The desire for it all just to end is the prominent thought. I am not going to finish. I know it. I am not being pulled off the course yet, but I certainly will be. I hope for it. There is time left before the 12 hour deadline, but I will not make it. How could I possibly make the 12 hour cutoff?”

A full story can be found at: this entry!


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