Timex Factory Team Athlete

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Timex, the world-known watch maker, sponsors athletes in the Timex Factory Team. Starting in 2013, I’ve joined the team. With my fellow teammates, we’ll be sharing our adventures on the TFT  Facebook Page and occasionally (hopefully!) appearing in advertising.

Hopefully they’ll soon have a Google Plus page, which I think is far more effective than Facebook for this sort of thing. But, in the meantime, most of the team info will be found posted on Facebook.

Sponsorship from Timex does have some perks and I know they are working on a few more in the near future. This appears to be just starting and I hope it will improve and blossom as time goes forward. Personally, I’ll be sporting some cool Triathlon shorts in the near future and maybe even a new jersey. Also, Timex’s new Run Sport 2.0 will be sitting on My Girl’s wrist, and she’ll be greatly relieved to get rid of the capable, but huge and bulky for her, Garmin 310xt.

One of the best parts of using Timex GPS watches are their natural integration with Training Peaks. This makes uploading/sharing data on that site just that much easier and, in my opinion, there is no better site for serious triathletes.

And if all goes well, I’ll look just as cool as this banner from the Timex Factory Team page.


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