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We have some great prizes to give away from some of the wonderful sponsors of And these aren’t cheap prizes, either: Total value of the giveaway is over $650!

There is no purchase necessary. To enter, you simply need to follow the instruction from the sweepstakes box at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar. And here’s the best part: For every person who signs up under your URL, you’ll get TWO additional entries!

Now for those who enjoy a little mystery, we’ll be giving away one more prize: A Mystery prize selected from all those who comment on this post. It could be something worth TOTAL AWESOMENESS. Or, it could be a box of crackers. Who knows? What you do know is this: A random number will be chosen, and then whomever commented at that number will be contacted via email and told their prize.  If they don’t want it, we’ll go to the next person and so on. Who knows? It could be… another entry into the SF Marathon, more #nuunlove, more boot camps… Or maybe you’ll get to pick from the three. Or, maybe it will be Oreo cookies.

All it takes is a comment below. What do you have to lose?

Ready to see what the prizes are?

First up:

Entry into the 2014 San Francisco Marathon

Value: $165


In 2009 The San Francisco Marathon was my first ever race. It is with great pride that I am one of the Ambassadors for this great race as it launched my entire racing career which now includes such highlights as the Comrades Marathon and two Ironman triathlons. There isn’t a prettier or more green race in the country and nothing can beat running across the Golden Gate bridge!

In 2001 the management team that had produced the Bay to Breakers for over 20 years resigned from that event to concentrate on building The San Francisco Marathon as a crown jewel for the city. The desire was to create one of the most beautiful and challenging urban road race marathons in the United States offering an idyllic summer running event. The race would be built organically with the local runner in mind, the quintessential San Franciscan healthy outdoor-lover, the one that embodies the natural, sustainable, genuine beauty of the city itself. True to local style, The San Francisco Marathon values authenticity and took on this effort with a philosophy learned from its two decades of producing road races.

In the spirit of the many entrepreneurial endeavors by individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area, the goal was to make the event sustainable on its own, to build its base focused on the very people that make up the event—the runners— instead of sponsoring-up with corporate logos that had proven to be unreliable in earlier efforts and for other events. The management team chose to take the long view and instead of courting large corporate sponsorships to underwrite the expenses, the team sought sponsors who will truly enhance the race, who will bring real value and benefit to every runner’s experience during Marathon Weekend as well as throughout the year.

The team wasted no time in securing the ideal course for local runners, one that crosses the Golden Gate Bridge offering a once in a lifetime and only opportunity to run on the roadbed of the famed bridge and hit some of the cities must beautiful hills—a perfect combination of stunning views and killer climbs. Thus, The San Francisco Marathon has remained a race rooted in local support, with 60% of participants hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and 80% from California.

The San Francisco Marathon has begun to build a reputation attracting endurance athletes from around the country and the globe, who come to this event to share the same amazing aspects of the city that the residents love—to embrace and celebrate the challenge of running the country’s toughest big city marathon—rewarding the over 25,000 runners’ efforts with unparalleled breathtaking views and a Well Earned Finish to call their own.

The race prides itself on being a bit different from the pack, like the city itself the race is more individual, the course more challenging, the terrain more beautiful – an event The Wall Street Journal referred to as “The Race Even Marathoners Fear” – we feel the accomplishment of finishing this race makes the many hills worth it.

Punch-Card to Goldilocks Training Boot Camp

Value: $150


Goldilocks Training is my personal swim coach and also a wonderful boot-camp kick-my-butt motivator. Alison runs the camp and she knows exactly how hard to push you without going too far. Her camps are so fun she even motivates my wife – who normally hates this sort of thing. I can’t think of a greater endorsement than that. Rated 5 stars on Yelp, if you are in the San Francisco Area, or even Las Vegas, you can’t beat a better get-you-fit or train-your-core workout. Also, she works with A Runner’s Mind in San Francisco… so if you’ve been part of the ARM camp, you know how good she is!


We bring outdoor group fitness to the phenomenal citizens of the Bay Area. Emphasizing proper form and technique, partnered with healthy small group competition and accountability, our bootcamps aim to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Won’t you join us in taking a step towards lifelong health and wellness?


Goldilocks Training focuses on providing a total-body fitness approach. We believe that exercise and fitness are attainable for everyone!


Free Photo Session with Wicked Innocence Photography

Value: $350

So you’ve put all this work into getting ready to run a half marathon or full marathon. Shouldn’t you show off that new, sleek body? Do you need photos for your online presence, whether for your blog, your linkedln account, or even for Then get your photos done professionally! If you live locally to San Francisco or Las Vegas, Wicked Innocence can get those photos to impress that professional resume or just a potential match. Although focused on boudoir, fashion, and glamour, any style session (one-hour) is available if you win! Details will be provided to the winner – if you chose not to be personally photographed, you may also choose someone else – perhaps a significant other?


Our passion is to capture Life & Living – raw emotions, true love, once in a lifetime moments and all those moments in between that take your breath away.

#NuunLove – Get your Electrolytes!

Value: $18

Nuun Energy

As the official nutrition of the San Francisco Marathon, it’s good to train with what’s going to be available on the course. Get your training started right with these free items from Nuun:

Two Tubes of NUUN and a Waterbottle! (Okay, photo coming soon!)



NUUN Hydration – Keep it simple The goal with nuun is to make hydration better and easier. we all know that most of us need to drink more water. an estimated 75% of people are dehydrated and just a 2% (!) drop in fluid can lead to mental acuity issues. then throw in the fact that dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue. better hydration should mean better daily function.

And that’s where nuun comes in. As well as offering a little flavour to help encourage drinking, nuun provides the right amount of electrolytes to ideally absorb the intake of water and it’s why it’s being used more and more by the very best in the world of sport. nuun is a portable, sugar-free, electrolyte tab that is added to 16 oz. of water to become a refreshing and tasty drink. but the main benefit of nuun is that it doesn’t have all the calories of other sports drinks (there’s only 6 in nuun in each serve). if you do need them, nuun lets you choose when and how to take in the calories, through whatever form you want (e.g. GU’s, clif bars, or nothing at all). we believe that having the ability to split apart hydration from nutrition is a better choice than a bundled option. Think about it this way; in a workout on a cold day you may drink 2 bottles. but on a hot day you drink 3. You don’t need more calories, and drinking and sugar-laden drink can cause gastric issues…you just need more hydration.

Now available in five more awsome flavors for 2011. 


Entry is easy and it’s really free. Winners will be chosen at random from all the entries. Once you’ve entered, leave a comment below. I’ll use a random number to select from the comments on this post to giveaway a MYSTERY prize.

Good luck!

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  1. I can’t believe I’m able to win these things for free. Think of it as a daydream and have a nice try. Anyway, thank you for providing the chance for me!

  2. I wanted to run th is race, but now that I’ve moved to Oklahoma I haven’t been able to save up for this trip. It would be awesome to win an entry for the race, thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I have set a marathon as my goal for turning 50 this year. My wife and I love San Francisco as we try to get there a couple times a year so it seems like the perfect place to run my first marathon. Oh, yeah, this run is the day before I turn 50. I say close enough!

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    The winner’s have been chosen! We will be emailing the winners and announcing the name shortly! If for some reason the winners are not interested/unable to utilize their prize, we will go to the next person on the list… So it may not be over yet!

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