2014 Christmas Small Gift Guide For Triathletes and Runners

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It’s that time of year again, and the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are exploding out the windows. But what do you get for the crazy-person  triathlete or runner in the family who already seems to have everything?

Buying gifts for those types can be difficult because more often than not, they already have what they need and you don’t want to duplicate something. Also, prices tend to run pretty high on the gadget side. So what to do?

Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for a little something, not too expensive, and will fit in a stocking, here are some ideas:


Nuun tablets are great hydration, taste pretty good overall, and is something every runner/triathlete should try. Even if it’s not the electrolyte of choice for your athlete, Nuun also has products that can be used throughout the day. Nuun also sponsors a few races, and is the electrolyte provided on the course, so it will give a chance for the triathlete/runner to try it beforehand. You can find through various outlets and also direct from them .


In the interest of full disclosure, I was sponsored by Honey Stinger this year. However, I specifically sought out sponsorship from them because I love the taste of their products. I have a sweet tooth, and the variety of methods of getting the caffeine and sugar into my system for the various bikes and runs I do is fantastic. Additionally, their organic line fits well into many athletes desire to go more “natural”.


Right now Garmin has a sale on the original Virb for only $99 (not sure how long that will last). But the nifty thing about this action camera that can sit on a handlebar, get put on a shoulder or helmet, can get airborne while skiing, has a time-lapse mode, and with the Virb software you can sync and display all that precious workout data that was going on at that moment of filming (any .fit file can be synced). And, it fits within a stocking over the fireplace.


That’s right. Getting a card to Goldilocks Training boot camps in San Francisco for a triathlete/runner is probably one of the best gifts you could possibly give. Because if your crazy person triathlete/runner person is like most crazy person triathlete/runners, they don’t do enough cross-training or strength training. Help them remain injury-free, try something different for the off-season, and get them whipped back into shape after getting all fat and lazy. It’s the right thing to do.


Shampoo and conditioner might not be the first thing you think about for a Christmas gift, but if you have a triathlete in your life who doesn’t use this product I’ll bet you know exactly when they’ve been to the pool or out for a swim in the ocean. Triswim Shampoo and Conditioner helps eliminate that chlorine smell while helping your hair. While the triathlete is probably used to smelling like chlorine, if you’d rather not smell that around them, this is the product to get. You can find it at various outlets for pretty cheap, too.


Okay, most foam rollers won’t fit into a stocking stuffer, but they will fit underneath quite well. There are various types, and your triathlete/runner may already have one, but if not – get them one! These things are fueled by magic and do amazing things to your body.


For the male triathlete, you may have seen a little too much of him at the pool, since triathletes don’t wear baggy swim-trunks (that’ll cut down your speed!). So if you want to get them something comfortable, but still fast, and can handle chlorine like nobody’s business, then this Speedo is the one to get.


The Safer Swimer, again for the triathlete, is something I don’t own but absolutely should. It’s all about being seen in the open water, and I can’t emphasize how important that is. If your triathlete doesn’t have one, get them one!


Runner or triathlete, you can never have too many RoadID bracelets. Thanks to the ability to personalize, you can even put a cute note on it after you put the important things. RoadID has saved more than few lives: Shouldn’t your crazy person athlete be one of them?

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