Stridalyzer on KickStarter Offers Bonus to Readers

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Recently, I was contacted by one of my fellows on GPlus who asked if I’d ever heard of Stridalyzer. I hadn’t, but I reached out to the developers to get more information. Fortunately, they agreed to allow me to do some testing of their product in the near future. I look forward to hearing more from them and trying out this new and exciting technology. 

Stridalyzer, World’s first Smart Insole to predict knee injury risk, live on Kickstarter

8/12/14: Brought to life by ReTiSense, Stridalyzer is the world’s first smart insole made specifically for runners. Unlike any other wearable fitness-tracking device, Stridalyzer can estimate, analyze and alert runners instantly about potential foot and, more uniquely, knee injuries.

Every year, about 65%-70% of all runners sustain injuries. Knee injuries account for 42% of all running injuries, which implies 1 in 4 runners will suffer knee injuries. Furthermore, 90% of Marathon trainers are prone to injuries.

Anshuman Singh, Co-Founder, says, “Knee injuries are extremely common in runners, but no data-driven method existed for runners to get an idea of whether, and how severely, they are at risk for knee injuries. With Stridalyzer, we hope to deliver that knowledge and awareness to runners, so they can make better decisions about their running form and strategy.



Currently, at the 3rd revision of the prototype, Stridalyzer will be live on Kickstarter starting 8th of December.

Upon sharing their vision with fellow runners and technology enthusiasts, Stridalyzer received quite the warm welcome from the industry. Read here Wearable Tech News, Warable, Economic Times and more.


ReTiSense is a young start up based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in June 2014 by Anshuman Singh and Shuvadeep Sarkar, who have a diverse experience in areas of System Design and Integration, Data analytics and Embedded Design. ReTiSense is built on the foundation of “intelligent sensing” technology, and using sensed data to provide meaningful, actionable guidance.

Stridalyzer is ReTiSense’s first product geared exclusively for enthusiast runners, who want to understand and improve their running form, and prevent injuries.


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Something Special For CaptainChas Readers

Want to get something extra for supporting a great product? Then read on below from the folks at Stridalyzer!
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  • Great reviews from coaches, runners and sports injury doctors – in US, Netherlands, India.
  • ONLY running wearable product to estimate and report stress and potential of injury on the knees – an affliction that pains 1 in 4 runners~
  • REAL-TIME guidance and advice on the running trail – using our patent-pending hardware and Analytics combination.
  • Wacky, Funny, Engaging Rewards – from running 100m for every $5 contributed, to offering cartoonized videos.
  • Honours Runners, Running events and running history. 
    • Our first batch is themed on the ancient city of Marathon and the story of Pheidippides.
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