About The Endurance Tourist

Race Director Matt Gunn, of the Ultra-Adventures Grand Circle Trail Series, stood by the start of one of his races. After the first ten runners passed, he turned to Peter Van Horn and said, “Well, the race is over. The rest are Endurance Tourists.”

WIP-MattGunn-1I was in the middle of the Zion 100-50k when I heard the story.

So, we stole the idea, because that phrase encapsulates exactly what my wife and I do. Moving forward, we plan to report on our destinations, talking about The Race, The Place, and The Food.

We’ve been lucky enough to travel to many different locations for a race, and combining my wife’s photography, our love of travel, and my desire to race, we’ll (hopefully) cover all the aspects my fellow endurance tourists will need to know before they, too, join us in the endurance journey.

Race Locations

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So come join the adventure and follow my fitness and body fat % as it (hopefully) goes up and down. You’ll be able to see as my weight goes up and (hopefully mostly) down, when I succeed and when I fail. All in real time and all as I head into fourth decade of my life.